Vidya Balan points out that two of her biggest flops ‘were the ones with male heroes’

After claiming at a recent event that female-led films stand a better chance at being commercially successful than the more expensive hero-let tentpoles, actor Vidya Balan has said that two of her biggest flops had male stars in the lead roles.

In an interview with India Today, Vidya said that after experiencing seven flops in a row, she thought of reconsidering her choices. “I had a spate of seven duds. It breaks my heart to call them flops, but I had seven films that didn’t work. So, amongst those, the two films that worked the least, were the ones with male heroes. So, I told myself there’s no math to this. It’s about a good film. In my head, I made that note, decided that I should just be authentic and continue to make these choices.”

Vidya said that there is ‘no logic’ to the assumption that female-driven films will not work in a post-pandemic landscape. “What’s happened is, with a lot of our films not working, they feel ‘if our male hero films are not working, the female hero films don’t stand a chance.’”

The actor made similar statements at the recent O Womaniya! 2022 Adda organised by Film Companion. Citing the example of Alia Bhatt-starrer Gangubai Kathiawadi emerging as one of the biggest Hindi hits of a worrying year, she said, “The pandemic has become an easy excuse for people to say that now female-led films will not work in the theatres, because basically, our industry is going through some kind of flux where a lot of our films are bombing, terribly. And they are your so-called, male hero-led films. But who takes the beating is the female-led films.”

Vidya has starred in three back-to-back pandemic era films that released directly on streaming — Shankuntala Devi, Sherni, Jalsa.

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