Run BTS new teaser: Jimin fails the ‘telepathy’ test, Jungkook says ‘We were never good at this’

Run BTS is back, and the band members treated ARMY to a teaser of the special episode. Called Telepathy, the episode will see the boys being quizzed on how well they know each other. It seems that despite being in each other’s presence for over a decade, they still might not know some things about their friends.

At the beginning of the video, a person behind the camera inquires, “This may not even need to be asked, but how well do you know your members?” Jin and J-Hope are extremely optimistic, and J-Hope says, “We’ve been together so many years. We’re one in body and soul.” This confidence is not shared by Jungkook who gives them all a reality check and says, “If I search through my memories, we were seriously never good at this.” There’s impending chaos as usual, as the boys struggle with questions throughout the video, and a panicked Jungkook asks, “How do you not know this?” V is back to his trademark confused expression, while Jimin can’t help but burst into laughter while getting his answers wrong.

BTS announced the return of Run BTS on August 1, which will be the first episode in ten months. In the announcement video, Jin had shared that they ‘did some recharging’ and are back. The episode will air on August 16, and will be available on YouTube like all the other Run BTS episodes.

Run BTS has seen 150 episodes over the past couple of years, and the format of the variety show usually involves the members competing in games, trivia quizzes, or preparing small hilarious skits. Till now there have been around 155 episodes. Last year, the band said they would take a break for a while and return soon.

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