Raksha Bandhan 2022: 10 safety apps to suggest your siblings to download

Whether it is your friend or sibling, you would surely be concerned about their safety and security. Though the advent of social media apps has improved reachability and connectivity, it is important to consider some measures to stay well connected with your siblings.

Software applications with advanced positioning methods can help you know where they are, should they need you. From empty roads to crowded places, most applications use GPS technology to know the precise location of people. Here, we have listed 10 safety apps that allow you to find out the location of your loved ones. So, check out these 10 safety apps you can consider for your siblings.

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My Safetipin

My Safetipin is among the top-rated apps for women’s safety, and allows you to keep a track of your friends or family.

Features: This free-of-cost app is designed for personal safety and incorporates features such as emergency contact numbers, GPS tracking, and providing directions to a safer location. Also, the app pins safe and unsafe areas with a relative safety score.

Availability: It is available in Hindi, Spanish, Bahasa, and English.

Himmat Plus App

Himmat Plus App is a free safety app recommended by Delhi Police for women. One can use this app after registering and filing their details on the Delhi Police website. After completing registration, one needs to verify it using OTP and complete the app configuration.

Features: In case of a problem, the user raises the alert from the app. Then, the location information along with audiovisuals is sent to the Delhi Police Control room. That’s how the police reach the location.

Availability: Himmat Plus app is available on Playstore in Hindi and English.

The Smart24x7 app

Various state police officials endorsed the Smart24x7 app to ensure the safety of senior citizens and women.

Features: The application sends panic alerts to emergency contacts in case of a safety threat. It can also record videos and take photos during an incident. Besides, it comes with call centre support to track the user’s movement.

Availability: It is available on Google Playstore and Apple in English.

Shake2Safety app

The Shake2Safety app is a decent safety app available on Playstore. This app can also be used in case of an accident, harassment, robbery, or any natural calamities.

Features: The user just needs to shake their smartphone or just press the power button four times to send an text or call to registered contacts. Besides, it works with a locked screen on, and even without internet connectivity.

Availability: The Shake2Safety app is available in English on Google Playstore.

BSafe app

BSafe is a women’s security and safety app that connects you with your contact through a live GPS trail.

Features: In BSafe app, it allows contacts to follow you through a GPS trail and also set a timed alarm that goes off if you have not checked in. Further, it will also make your phone ring with a fake call and also notify your emergency contacts with the location, even video. Besides, there is a Guardian alert button that immediately shares your GPS location with your family and friends.

Availability: The safe app is available on Google Playstore and Apple store.

112 India

112 India is launched by the Central Government of India, as an all-in-one women’s security app that can be used to issue an alert with only a single tap.

Features: 112 India is a highly productive app that integrates existing emergency services with ease. Further, it also aids in the investigation of events. Also, the audiovisual media is used to deliver the emergency alarm.

Availability: The app is available on the Apple store and .


Guardians is a women’s safety app by Truecaller that uses GPS for tracking.

Features: Guardian allows users to share their location via GPS with their friends and family. The App comes with the ‘I need help’ feature which alerts guardians immediately when you are feeling unsafe.

Availability: It is available for Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft Family Safety App

Microsoft Family Safety App is designed to help users keep a track of their family members.

Features: The Microsoft Family Safety app displays the location of a particular member of the family and sends location alerts. Further, this app can be used to set parental guidance or control to filter inappropriate apps and set kid-friendly websites.

Availability: The app is available on both Android and iOS devices

SpotnSave Feel Secure

SpotnSave Feel Secure is among the most advanced safety applications. It uses the same Bluetooth technology and is available on most platforms.

Features: SpotnSave Feel Secure notifies your contacts about your current location every two minutes. Also, if the user’s phone is not accessible, he or she will have to use the wristband, which works via Bluetooth.

Availability: The app can be found on iTunes and Google Playstore.


iGoSafely is a personal security app that can be activated easily by shaking the phone or removing the headphones. Moreover, one can record a thirty-second audio through the phone’s microphone.

Features: This app sends alert notifications, emails, messages, and GPS positions to emergency contacts on activation. Through this, you can send messages every minute, unless the alarm is switched off using the secret arm code.

Availability: iGoSafely is available on Playstore and Apple and is among the most sought-after apps for personal safety.

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