How to Set Your Favorite Song as Your Airtel Caller Tune

Do you want to change your Airtel phone’s default caller tune? Then follow these simple steps and you will be able to set your favorite song as your caller tune. How to change Airtel caller tune by changing your mobile settings. How to set Airtel Caller Tune on Java phones (without using the Internet). How to set Airtel Caller Tune on Android phones (without using the Internet). How to set Airtel Caller Tune on Windows Phones (without using the Internet).

Steps to follow

  1. Choose your favorite song from the My Music option. 2. Select ‘Set Ringtone’ from Menu and choose a ringtone of your choice. 3. Save your selection by clicking on ‘OK’ and you are done! Now, whenever someone calls you, they will hear your favorite song instead of the standard ring tone available with your subscription plan or set by default by Airtel customer care executive during the enrollment process.

Open the MyAirtel App
If you’re not sure how to set your favorite song as your Airtel caller tune, open up your MyAirtel app and look for Caller Tune in the menu. Here, you can change your current setting by picking from a variety of pre-existing tunes or by browsing through your saved music files on Google Drive. If you already have a sound file saved, navigate to that file and select it; if not, click on Add new sound and select it from there. When you’re ready, just press OK at the bottom right of the display window, which will then prompt you to confirm your selection. Just like that, your new favorite song will be playing every time someone calls you!

Select Options
Call Services > Call Settings > Sound Tone and Alerts > Select a service > My Tones. Here you can select your favorite song. If it is not available, you can upload an mp3 file of your choice or select my recorded option in case you want to record a new message for yourself. Once done with the selection, save it and go back to the main menu. You will get a notification that your selection has been saved successfully. Now whenever someone calls you from your registered number, they will hear your selected tone instead of the default tones provided by the telecom service provider.

Search for your favorite song
If you’re looking for a classic tune, like Happy Birthday or Beethoven’s 5th, check your iTunes library. There are many tunes already on there that can be used as caller tunes. If your favorite song isn’t there, though, don’t panic: You can buy ringtones from Apple and other sites with little effort.

Accept the Terms & Conditions
We understand you’re excited and want to get on with setting your favorite track right away. However, before you do that, make sure you accept all of the terms and conditions. Yes, it can be tiresome; however, accepting these terms ensures a safe and secure experience while using our services.

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