How To Send Money Through WhatsApp Payment

How to Send Money Throght WhatsApp Payemnt

WhatsApp payments has finally Rolling in India and with UPI based payment service which you can directly pay someone from your contact without enter the bank account details or IFSC code. WhatsApp payment feature is a complete based on UPI transaction, there is no need to enter ‘virtual payment address’ or bank account details.

Before you get started make sure you are on the latest update of WhatsApp which is V2.18.41 or later on android and V2.18.22 or later on the iPhone iOS now here how you can get started with WhatsApp payments.

The long awaited WhatsApp payment feature is not spotted in “beta version” and we have got it enabled for your account you can send money through WhatsApp payment to your friends individual as well as you can send in to group.

How To Use WhatsApp Payments

1. First of all whether you are with iOS or Android With settings WhatsApp payments are similar to Android as well as iPhone.

2. Just go to settings there you can find the option payment click on that and tap on “Accept and Continue”.

3. Next tap on verifying number via ‘SMS’ once your number is verified select a bank account you wish to add.

4. Now if you have account link with phone number that you just send SMS from you will be presenting phone number in the bank.

5. Now tap on it and at last tap and done.

Here you can also add multiple bank accounts. By following above all procedure. Now you successfully activate WhatsApp payment option.

How Do You Send Through The Feature( WhatsApp Payment)

1.Open the WhatsApp open any individual chat to home you want to send money.

2. An Android mobile phone click on Patch icon and similarly in iOS click on the ‘plus button’.

3. And go to settings select payment feature from here on the process is same on both IOS and Android phone.

4. The money receiver also should have a latest WhatsApp version.

5. Now just enter the amount you want to send along with ‘note’ if you want to add at last tap on ‘send’.

6. Next enter UPI pin to authorise a payment so once the money is send, the amount will be shown as a message as the part of the conversation.


Note that WhatsApp will maintain a ‘logo’ for your transaction the money you sent or the money you receive, if you want to send in group also follow the above all procedure
However, you to check the log just go to settings tap on payments and on the top you can find transaction history just stop that to view your transaction

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