how to impress your friend

Girls have so many ways to express themselves so now it’s time for boys to think about how we can look good and impress them with through fashion undergoes styleShe shows interest in you and become your girlfriend if you don’t know the how to flat girl? follow the below tips.

Great tips to impress any girl

1. Focus on a single one don’t look at every girl moving around

2. Look good and Stylish when you are around her don’t be shy and don’t be overconfident and never act as over smart.

3. Use your eyes to communicate with her body but always look at her face never ever stare at her.

And don’t look at private places.

4. Act naturally and be confident play things you love to play when she is around?

5. Do not fight and do not smoke to impress her this will spoil your personality.

Other ways to impressing a girl that you don’t know well:

1. How to dress to Impress women.
2. Use polite words
3. Think before you speak with your girlfriend
4. Pay her a sincere Compliment
5. Make her feel special

How to dress, To Impress women

Many guys get rejected because of their dressings. since, girls will always remember your style of dressing and compare with other boys.

The first thing always iron your shirt to look better, 99% of the girls love when you guys tuck in.

Always wear some accessories to look attractive guys, without accessories get flunked like watch, stylish belt, goggles….. Etc

Rolling up Your sleeves

1. Start with sleeves enrolled and unbuttoned

2. Roll sleeves up to about two widths of the cuff.

3. Roll again to bottom of cuff.

4. Roll one smoke living the top of cuff exposed.

5. Guys look hotter when the roll up the sleeves.

Say No To Baggy Pants

Do not wear the pants with more pockets like 5 to 6 pockets they look so awkward ugly you will like a air fitted pant.

Versatile colours clothes matching

Many peoples get confused about matching the class right. Here are some the most was light colours by which you can feel your wardrobe.

White with black pant
Earth powder colour shirt with cream colour pant
White shirt with blue jeans
Sky blue shirt and blue shirt,
probably must look so simple and beautiful you will be highlighted in the group.

Bath at least once a day, wash you a hair, soap up all over and drinks of use a nice smelling shower Scrub as well something not to feminine, but not to masculine either, may be try a smell like like mint or lemon.

Brush twice daily keep your mouth clean with good smell floors and use mouthwash for help in the middle of the day use breath Mints and chewing gum.

Manage facial hair shaving daily if you are growing facial hair make sure it’s trimmed to a uniform length and not scraggly or unruly.

Use a combination Deodorant antiperspirant apply it so soon as you get out of the shower in the morning get rid of body odour smell.

You safe use sprays of cologne our body spray but don’t go over to.

Use clean clothes if you find yourself scrambling for fresh laundry consider setting up a regular washing schedule like doing all your landry every Sunday night.

2. Use polite words

being well mannered does not mean you are boring it means you know how to treat other people with respect, a quality, most girls want in their boyfriends show her you know how to be considerate by doing these things for everyone not just her.

1. Use “please”, “can you”, “thank you”, “you are welcome” along with asking with a, “I had appreciate it “,if or I would like for you.

2. If someone is walking through a door behind you hold it open for him or her.

3. Ignore kar Singh are saying anything crude in public, omics company its fine to relax a little around and your friends.

3. Think Before You speak with your crush

Don’t say any stupid things to your crush, but try your best to limit it when you are around this girls take a few seconds to think what you are going to say before you split it out.

Don’t speak up other girls you maybe think making her jealous is a good idea but I still clear discussing the looks of other girls in front of her will make you seem Shallow and fickle.

Avoid to tell dirty jokes. There is a time and place for wicked humour and its when you are hanging out with your girl friends keep on lead on it when you are around her.

Avoid coming of use am Bully don’t throughout careless in sales or keep other people down, even if they are meant to be funny she might not be able to took up on your humorous.

Pay her sincere compliment

Compliments are very essential to one of your crush like,

1. I can’t stop thinking of you
2. You turn me on so much
3. you make me feel like a man
4. How did I get so lucky to have you in my life
5. You drive Me Crazy( in a good way)
6. You are just adorable
7. Nobody make me happier than you
8. Aren’t you are the sweetest
9. God you are just perfect
10. Come on, stop being so cute.
11. Pay attention to how you would it instead of saying that is a pretty dress.
12. I like your outfit.
Complement the women not the article of clothing smile keep eye contact while you say it too.

Make your girlfriend feel special

We have no doubts there are real heroes among men who make girls heart beat faster. The Secret Lives in a few simple gestures that can change you from Just another gesture into Prince Charming.

opening doors.

It says that the man whose not too lazy to get out of the car to open the car door for his lady is at least, attentive and well mannered. It says that it’s important for him to know that his girlfriend feel safe and comfortable.

Saving the last bite of food

Anegan what girl feels when a man saves the last bite of his meal for hair it means that he cares for her enough to part with those last price he love so much are with this juicy steak, you made for him that’s a sign of true love right there.

Waiting to spend time with her family

Is the meet my parents movement has already happened and the man is more interested in spending some weekend time with his girlfriend family rather than watching football with his friends and colleagues well many ladies will consider such a man” the one”.

Kissing her Forehead

Apparently studies show that girls love when their significant others kiss them on the forehead it’s also a pretty hot topic in women’s forums reports say that forehead kisses make ladies feel cared for, loved, respected and protected all feelings. the rank pretty high on Dum what I want to feel, when “I am getting kissed” list for women.

Here are on there 15 tips to make her feel special

1. Make her feel secure
2. Send her texts
3. never let her take you for granted don’t ignore hair play hard to get if” she text you”, text back, if “she want to talk” try to make the time even if it is slightly inconvenient.
4. Randomly new love notes for her to find.
5. Hug her tight for no reason.
6. Remember the names of her friends
7. Give a surprise gifts
8. Let her know about other girls you met
9. Always give her first preference
10. Let her know you trust her
11. Be willing to experiment in bed
12. share your feelings
13. Tease your crush
14. Don’t put her down in front of others.
15. Be funny.

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