How To Choose And Write Content On A Profitable Topic In 2022

How To Choose And Write Content On A Profitable Topic In 2022

The art of creating content has changed massively in the last few years. With the rise of WordPress and self-hosted blogs, it has never been easier to start your own website and have complete control over your content creation. But where should you start? How can you find topics that will generate traffic and income? How can you get people to visit your site in the first place? Let’s look at a few factors which will determine whether your blog idea becomes profitable or not, so you know exactly how to get started and make blogging pay off…

Do Deep Keyword Research
Picking a topic for your next piece of content is not as simple as typing a few words into Google Trends and seeing what’s popular. While knowing what people want to search for is important, it’s just one part of putting together a comprehensive list of possible topics. Your list will be even more useful if you use tools like Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer or Google Keyword Planner to identify long-tail keywords that don’t get as much search volume but could have a high commercial intent because they’re more specific than general terms. You should also be on top of any new developments in your industry that might warrant some fresh content and regularly monitor sites like Reddit to see if there are any recurring themes among discussions.

Write Your Blog Post
Start by writing down any ideas that come to mind in response to these prompts: What topics do you most want your customers to learn about? What trends are affecting your industry or business sector? Where are your competitors putting their attention and resources, and why? How do you plan to grow or change, and how will you know when it’s time for a shift in strategy? How is your business or industry being affected by technology trends, regulatory changes, geopolitical shifts, economic factors or other issues related to society and social media? Your answers may be very general (such as Business Management or Customer Service) or very specific (Ethical Hacking or Low-Calorie Desserts). It’s up to you!

Optimize Your Blog Post
Beginners tend to write long-form content over 1,000 words but they shouldn’t. Lengthy posts can overwhelm readers and make it difficult for them to consume your ideas in full. It’s a good idea to aim for around 400 words with an active subhead that encourages readers to continue reading. Keep your paragraphs short (4-5 sentences) and use clear language that is easy for anyone to understand. Focus on writing quick tips or advice based on personal experience; avoid statistics and facts, as well as medical jargon (unless you work in a medical field).

Monetize Your Blog Post (5 Ways)
The fastest way to get your site on Google’s first page is to create content that attracts eyeballs. But how do you do that? Luckily, we have 5 ways for monetizing your post:

1. Direct advertising

2. Affiliate links

3. Create a video

4. Cross-Promotion with other sites and

5. Local businesses looking for targeted traffic These are just five of many ways you can monetize a single post – some methods will work better than others depending on what niche you’re in, but don’t give up until you find something!

Share Your Content
Not everyone is going to love your topic. Not every piece of content you write is going to resonate with a reader. That’s ok. It’s better to create a piece of content that 10% of people love and 10% hate than to create one that 50% of people like or don’t care about at all. So be aware when choosing a topic for writing, it’s going to take some testing out before you find what works best for you. Remember, there are no bad topics, just bad writers!

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