Google Chrome Hacking Alerts By Using Chrome Extension

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Google has been published new tools will help you to make a stronger your password security the Google Chrome extension will check whether your password is in public in data breach or not the new Chrome extension called “password check up”.

By using this tool the company goals to keep the Google account security by enterprising detecting and responding to secure security threats Google has rolling over India new passport check up the Chrome extension will automatically check itself whether you password is compromise it is in hack or not.

How to Protect Chrome Browser From Hacking Attacks

The companies also adds that whether your password username has been detected or not, on a specific website use is one of over 4 billion credentials that we know have been settlement at then the extension will send automatic notification warning on Chrome browser and it will notify that you change the password instantly.

Password check up in chrome extension :-

First of all we should install the password checkup extension on Chrome browser and then it will identify that a password check up icon in the browser bar you just sign in using unsafe quality details then Chrome extension will send alert if you got any check up your username and password or said to be carried out in time and Fully data is encrypted.

The passport details are saved in the database in assortment and inscribed form and any notification 1 inch unrated agonist it records totally local to your mission.
The second method to protect your password and username:
The future is more useful for app developers it will help you to protect the apps that which app you are signed into with Google or any other apps like Amazon or Flip cart

The processing of signed in Google will you identify the information of which area your account is hacked it will send information to every apps if you have logged into your websites with Google Chrome or any other apps account to protect them from vulnerable. Also Google complaints that it will produce only the basic identification with the app in such signed in process.

Keep confidence on Google if it goes without identify your data has been used for any of other future still if you want to use traditional methods of protecting your passwords and usernames equivalent passwords for your every apps or sites you should change the unprotected passwords immediately and enable the two FA for websites that will give a support.

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