EVGA breaks up with Nvidia, will no longer make graphics cards

Popular graphics card maker EVGA has revealed that it will no longer work with Nvidia to produce new graphics cards. One of Nvidia’s biggest partners that gamers and PC builders will be familiar with, EVGA has now cited “disrespectful treatment” on Nvidia’s part and announced that the company will be completely exiting the GPU business.

The story came out when Steve Burke, Editor-in-Chief at Gamers Nexus released a new video, where Burke reports discussions held with EVGA CEO Andrew Han. The video suggests that EVGA will not be joining forces with Nvidia rivals AMD or Intel either, and will simply not be making GPUs after the stock of the existing RTX 30-series is sold out.

EVGA has still confirmed that it will continue to support existing graphics cards in the market and users will still be able to claim warranties for relevant products. However, as things stand, the current batch of EVGA GPUs are set to be the brand’s last.

This also means we will not see EVGA produce Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 40-series GPUs. Any leaks of EVGA graphics cards that you may have seen online in the last few weeks will hence remain engineering samples and will not be mass-produced.

As per the video, EVGA will also not consider working with Nvidia again for any future products like the expected RTX 50-series. The company has also said that their workforce “will be taken care of”, but things remain unclear as to how after the split. As per Burke’s video, Nvidia’s GPUs contributed to about 80% of EVGA’s business.

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