Dog-bite cases: About 1,100 pet dogs registered since April 2022, says MCD

on Friday said it has registered about 1,100 since April 1, an exercise that began to check rising incidents of dog-bite.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) had on September 11 asked residents to get their pets registered in view of “rising incidents of dog-bite” in the capital region, and warned that action could be taken for non-compliance of the norm.

“About 1,100 have been registered from April till now,” a senior official said.

Under the section 399 of Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act, 1957, it is mandatory to register all with the municipal corporation.

The section also gives power to the to detain a pet dog found in a public place, if it is not registered with it, the civic body had earlier said.

Dog-bite cases have been reported in the last few days in Noida, Ghaziabad, and other parts of the region.

“In view of increasing number of dog-bite incidents, the urges citizens to get their pet dogs registered,” the MCD had said in a statement on September 11.

There is also a provision of fining pet-owners and even carrying out prosecution, it had said.

“We appeal to citizens to get their pet dogs registered at the earliest, otherwise appropriate action can be taken as per DMC Act. The rule applies even to those who have adopted stray dogs as pets,” it added.

When asked, how many fresh registrations have been done since it issued the appeal, the official said, “that data is not with me at present.”

Senior officials of the veterinary department of MCD have said that the DMC Act mandates registration of pet dogs with civic body, but “residents have remained reluctant to come forward to get their pets registered.”

Registration process helps in maintaining the exact count of pet dogs that are vaccinated against the rabies virus in different zones. It will also help in tracing a missing pet with the help of a registration number that the dog will sport, the MCD said.

The purpose of the exercise is to prepare a database of pet dog-owners, control illegal practices like unregistered dog breeding, and monitor pets’ vaccination schedules.

In order to facilitate pet-owners, MCD is providing a “convenient and hassle-free” online facility for dog registration.

Documents that are needed to be submitted include anti-rabies vaccination certificate, a photograph of the animal, residence proof and identity proof of the owner, the MCD had said.

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