Can You Really Lose 5 Kilos in a Month Without Exercise?

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Are you in need of shedding some extra kilos? Are you trying to lose weight but not having much success? There are so many fad diets, fitness routines, and exercise plans out there that are only making it harder for you to figure out what’s right for you. Which one should you try? And how can you be sure it’s going to work? In this article, we’ll tell you how to lose 5 kg in a month without exercise, so let’s get started!

1. A Detailed Overview of the Diet
The Military Diet is one of several variations of intermittent fasting diet plans that are designed to help you lose weight quickly. A typical day on The Military Diet will include roughly 1,000 calories broken up into three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In order to make sure you meet your calorie needs for these meals, you’ll have to make smart food choices; for example, making sure at least one of your three daily meals contains protein, which helps stabilize blood sugar and maintain energy levels throughout the day. Protein also has other benefits: In addition to helping people feel fuller longer than carbohydrates do which may prevent overeating several studies have found that including more protein in diet plans can boost weight loss by as much as 35 percent!

2. Losing weight without exercise is possible
it’s not necessarily easy, but it is possible. The more important question is if it’s healthy to lose weight without exercise. The answer depends on several factors, and whether or not you can sustain your new slim physique long-term. This how-to post explains how to lose 5 kg in a month without exercise and answers questions that might keep you from taking action.

3. Tips on sticking to your diet
One of your biggest challenges when trying to lose weight is going to be sticking to your diet. As hard as you might try, you’ll likely have moments where you forget to track what you eat or don’t plan ahead and end up eating something unhealthy. But if you want to actually reach your goals, that can’t happen; an occasional slip-up is one thing, but making unhealthy choices day after day isn’t going to work. So if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our experiences with many different diets over the years, it’s that things get easier if you find some simple ways to stick with your plan.

4. Keeping a food diary helps
If you’re pressed for time, then there’s no better way to get in shape than working out for just 15 minutes at a time. Forget thinking you can only lose weight if you exercise strenuously for over an hour every day. Many studies have shown that exercising intensely even for short periods can help control your blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity, both of which lead to faster weight loss. How much can you burn with 15-minute workouts? With such little time invested, it won’t be difficult to shed fat and get into great shape quickly. Here are some quick exercises that will enable you to burn maximum calories and lose weight fast

5. 15-Minute workouts can help you shed fat
Our body burns more calories while we sleep than it does while we’re awake, so working out earlier could help you lose weight. A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism found that subjects who exercised before bed increased their total fat oxidation (i.e., fat loss) by 14%. To get your metabolism fired up for weight loss, try going to bed about an hour earlier every night until you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep. Add two 15-minute walking sessions during your lunch break too. That way, you can burn an extra 150 calories per day without having to change what you eat at all!

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