Best gaming router 2022: Top routers for gaming

Amazon Eero Pro 6

Best gaming mesh system


  • Good performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Good price


  • Advanced features are subscription only
  • Few Ethernet ports

As opposed to a standard router, you could get a mesh Wi-Fi system for gaming instead, and the Amazon Eero Pro 6 is a superb option.

Having a mesh system means you get a router, as well as additional satellite devices that help to spread internet coverage throughout your home. Amazon rates each satellite as working well over 140 square metres each. These are a lot more compact than the competition, which means you should have no problem placing them wherever you wish, but do note, there is quite a short power cable. Ports wise, there’s USB-C for power delivery and a pair of Gigabit ethernet ports, which doesn’t offer much for direct connectivity as one Ethernet port has to be wired in directly to your router.

The speeds out of the Eero Pro 6 prove it’s capable, with out test results showing close range Wi-Fi connections to be faster (707.64Mbps) than other mesh systems we’ve reviewed such as the standard Eero 6 and the Netgear Orbi RBK852. Performance did drop on the second floor to 228.18Mbps, but the additional satellites will still ensure superior coverage than other routers on this list.

When it comes to features, setup is nice and easy with the accompanying Eero app, and we also found its homescreen to be one of the simplest out there with an especially intuitive layout. As this is an Amazon product, there’s also integration with Alexa, which can be used to pause the Wi-Fi, turn the guest network on and off, and narrow down a lost device to a specific base station. There’s also a Zigbee hub built in to each satellite, which allows direct control for devices such as smart bulbs, plugs and motion detectors.

We didn’t find any advanced control such as network splitting here though, which rivals routers offer, while features such as content filtering and ad blocking behind a paywall are locked behind a subscription paywall.

Reviewer: Tom Morgan
Full review: Amazon Eero Pro 6 Review

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