Android Mobiles Get Hacked By Opening PNG Files

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Android phones can be hacked buy PNG images the vulnerabilities (dangerous) identified as CVE 2019-1986, CVE 2019-1987 and CVE 2019 – 1988 have been patching Android open source project by Google as a part of it people every Android security update you have was fine the two result in your phone being hacked because you opened meme from a PNG file on and Android phone in its latest smartphone security bulletin Google has detailed several critical flaws in it smartphones handling system.

If you think your Mobile Phones is in your private zone you may be very long so far there is no device that can’t be hacked to reduce the potential risks who figured three things the ways your phone can be hacked how to recognize them and how to protect your smartphone from hackers?

How To Hack Any Android Mobile By Using PNG Files

You can easily face hacking risk by opening the evil PNG file on a chat app the Malware virus can start running on the device with over advantages.
The defect found in smartphones deals with on of the three assail abilities identified in the smartphone structure work that could allow a remote hacker using especially crafted PNG file to assassinate arbitrary code with in the context of privileged process and it is one of the most unfavourable security issues for this month February security update.

Google has intentionally kept the details indistinct at this point, but it did not confirm that a security “patch” has been rolled out to address this issue however several third party device producers take months to roll out security patches to smartphones now your device will get the dangerous until handset receives the February 2019 update.

Google did not launch the technical details of the defect so it will not be easy for anyone to misuse this hacking procedure besides know anyone cases have been reported the dangerous.

Give a Protection to your smart phones

The best method of protect your smartphones Google also advocate that uses restrictions that smartphone to only installed applications from play store and to on the Google Play Store protection button the option is that enable the smartphone security group 2 instructor your smartphone for delinquent apps and enable. Before installing the applications from third party store always check the three threatening remark.

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